Hire Models To Strengthen Your Branding Efforts

As fashion seeps into every segment of the society, a great deal of products and services are seen to be promoted by acclaimed movie stars and high-fashion models. The style-conscious consumer of today gets easily attracted to a product that carries his favorite actor’s/model’s endorsement, and this why a large number of businesses today are constantly on the lookout for fresh, promising faces who can endorse their brands and take their business to new heights.

According to Melissa St. James, a doctoral fellow and marketing instructor at The George Washington University, “Studies show that using celebrities can increase consumers’ awareness of the ad, capture [their] attention and make ads more memorable.”

Today’s marketers and brand managers seek celebrities to create that ‘likeability’ or a favorable attitude towards their brands. Research suggests that celebrity endorsements can bestow unique features or special attributes to a product, which it may lack otherwise. People feel by using this particular product, they will portray certain traits or characteristics that otherwise they do not have. This kind of emotional affiliation with a product and the sense of fulfillment that the user derives is what make a brand so powerful.

Geoffrey Chapman is one such acclaimed model & talent agency in Niagara Falls, Canada that offers well-groomed models and actors to showcase and promote various products for businesses. A large number of companies and casting directors in the Niagara region, the Golden Horseshoe area and Toronto, use Geoffrey Chapman’s models, actors and kids for their print ads, TV shows, fashion shows, TV commercials, feature films and music videos. The agency has well-conversant and highly experienced talent management agents who work to enhance each of their talent’s finest characteristics. They conduct workshops for aspiring models and actors in which they educate them on the basic tools and techniques to project their personality, build their confidence and enhance their audition skills and performance poises. All this helps the aspiring talent to perform terrifically when staged for promoting brands.

In this age of intense competition, celebrity endorsements can be the best way to capture viewers’ attention. So if you are a firm looking to expand your business, hire the best models to catalyze your brand acceptance and do wonders for your company!

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